8 Best Website Hosting for Photographers

photographers hostingIt can be hard to choose the right hosting company as each of them has its individual virtues and flaws.

Some of them provide you with unlimited space, while others propose a .com domain for free. Some of them propose an integrated printing partnership, while other have no e-commerce services at all.

You should decide what is the most important for you and choose the company that fits your needs.

Let’s start with the basics and proceed to the choice of the best website hosting for photographers.

What is Web Hosting?

If you are a photographer and don’t know what web hosting is, this part is for you.

Web hosting is a service for placing websites on specialized servers and providing access to them through the Internet. Companies that provide web hosting services (hosting providers) allocate space on their own or rented server and provide the necessary width of the Internet channel.

There a few various types of hosting options: shared, VPS and dedicated hosting. We are going to explain each option to you. It will help you make an educated decision.

Shared hosting. Photographers often choose this type of hosting because it has low price and even a beginner can easily set it up. As its name implies, you are given a shared space on a big server to host your web page. Thanks to this, hosting providers improve their profit margins for an affordable sum.

Hosting companies often advertise “unlimited” resources. However, be aware that there also usage restrictions. The majority of small business are unable to exceed them. Yet, if you do, you will have to upgrade your plan.

If you have recently opened your small business, this option can be great for you to start with the first web hosting account. It is not wise to pay twice as much for the resources you do not use.

VPS hosting is deciphered as a Virtual Private Server. This is the next level of hosting after the shared one. When using VPS, you are sharing server space with a lot fewer people. It means that more resources are available for you and you have more control over the settings of the server.

Dedicated hosting is a service that allows clients to store their data on a separate physical “machine”. It is a real computer with power supply, cooling system, and so on. This is not a “virtual”, but a physical, tangible device with all the resources, available to the user.

This server type can be quite expensive. The price depends on the size of your website.

Since you read this article to know more about a good website hosting for photographers, you probably do not need either VPS or dedicated servers. Shared hosting is the best way to start.

Here is the list of the best web hosting for photographers along with their primary features:

1. Weebly.

  1. an intuitive drag-and-drop builder;
  2. elegant themes;
  3. over 40 million businessmen are using eCommerce tools of Weebly.

2. 500px.

  1. a network of over 9 mln photographers;
  2. personalized home fees to exhibit the work in blogs and galleries;
  3. photographers can license their work for use as stock photography.

3. Wix.

  1. a wide range of marketing tools, templates, and blogging variants;
  2. over 40 types of galleries;
  3. the best secure website hosting for photographers (thanks to the page protection, photographers can create private galleries).

4. Squarespace.

  1. good at teamwork;
  2. award-winning template design team;
  3. Customer Care Advisors are ready to help you around the clock;
  4. a portfolio app is free of charge;
  5. a calendar tool for artists hosting shows and holding openings.

5. WordPress Website Builder BoldGrid.

  1. helps users create highly customized sites;
  2. some of its themes put an emphasis on visuality (like slideshows and portfolios);
  3. audience-building tools and advanced galleries;
  4. WordPress website hosting for photographers is offered for a low price.

6. Zenfolio.

  1. the templates of Zenfolio are perfect for a photography of any genre;
  2. the online storehouse can contain an unlimited number of high-resolution images;
  3. client proofing portal (working privately and selecting the best images);
  4. the partnership with top print labs and an integrated shopping cart.

7. SmugMug.

  1. multiple layout options help customize web pages with full-screen galleries;
  2. to create a personalized feel, one doesn’t need coding;
  3. over 20 premade website designs;
  4. this inexpensive website hosting for photographers includes unlimited photo uploads.

8. Format.

  1. to maintain brand identity, Format provides you with a venue for designing and building compelling web pages;
  2. artists can employ themes tailored to their body of work;
  3. the Format team proposes completely integrated storefronts.

website for photographers

Bottom Line

All the above options give unique venues for novices and professionals to present their art to the whole world.

You can try free website hosting for photographers, like GooglePhotos, Flickr, or Imgur. However, they sound good only in theory. They have not enough customization options, eCommerce solutions, and unique domain names. Only professional photo and image hosting providers will get your art to market.