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Web Hosting Hub Review

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Location: Virginia Beach, VA USA

Founded: 2010

Reasons to choose
  • 20x Faster SSD Hosting
  • Website Backups
  • Unlimited Space & Bandwidth
  • Free Premium Website Builder
  • 24/7 USA Based Support
  • 90 day Money Back Guarantee

Expert Opinion

Claire Broadley

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The Best Web Hosting Hub Review

Without a doubt, a trustworthy web hosting company can provide a reliable foundation for a success of your website. Our company knows it not by hearsay. We perform quality hosting companies reviews thus giving our clients the right to choose among the best representatives of the industry. Here is a great exemplar – Web Hosting Hub.

It’s an experienced company, which has already managed to earn the trust of the thousands of people. Check out web hosting service review to understand what are the strong and weak sides of the company!

General Features of the Company

This company has been working for 7 years to provide people with shared web hosting services. It has three web hosting plans:

  • 1. “Spark” that is also called as “Great Starter Plan Quick Setup”. It provides basic options such as 5 park domains, 25 subdomains, $75 on free advertising credits, auto-installed WordPress, auto-installed shopping cart, etc. In fact, if your business doesn’t completely depend on the revenue of the website, this variant will suit you with its price and set of services.
  • 2. “Nitro” that is known as “Small Business Hosting Better Performance”. Along with intensified options of the Spark package, Nitro offers choice of data center and web design discount.
  • 3. The most powerful package is called “Dynamo”. It’s especially good for people, whose revenue depends on the activity of the website and who can’t stand breakdowns.

WebHostingHub offers an easy zero-downtime transfer from your previous hosting company. It becomes easier to move from your previous web hosting provider if it doesn’t satisfy you.

Price Policy and Discounts

Recently the company has launched a discount program. It’s possible to purchase a package for $5 per months! The most expensive offer costs $9 instead of $17 – the profit is obvious. So, it’s reasonable to consider purchasing a package for such an affordable price.

The quality of the services is average. After familiarizing with the reviews of the clients and comparing with hosting giants like Liquidweb, it becomes visible that the service should improve their support. Though it’s available 24/7, some clients complain about the long waiting period.

In general, prices are affordable, especially, after launching a discount program. Comparing with other web hosting services, their prices might fit the budget of the average American.

Final Conclusion

Assuming all aforementioned features of the company and remaining objective, we have to confess that applying to this company for trustworthy web hosting isn’t a myth – it’s reality.

Therefore, when you are about to choose a web hosting company, you should consider this service as a good variant. You must remember that the quality of the hosting is a decisive factor in the productivity and efficiency of your website. So, you shouldn’t ignore this moment – remain attentive and judicious.

Recognizing a good web hosting provider is difficult – it’s almost impossible. All companies promise outstanding quality and fast support. Still, a half of these companies fail on their promises. So, check out the review of the company beforehand. Here lies a key to success!

Hosting Features

  • Free Domain Name
  • Free SSDs
  • Secure IMAP Email
  • Transfer Technicians
  • E-Commerce Tools
  • 1-click Installs