9 Top Powerful Tools to Analyze Web Host (2020 Review)

analize web hostingThere are a lot of web hosting providers in the U.S. Before selecting the one that fits you best, you should use some free tools to evaluate their metrics. Ensure that you bookmark this page to come back to it when you need to compare hosting providers or test your hosting service.

Here are the top powerful tools to analyze web host.

1. Monitis

Monitis is an all-in-one service. The service offers an automatic check of the download speed of the site for the various parameters: from simple uptime to server stress tests.

All reports are available on the personal account, and the copy is regularly reset to the mail in the form of .pdf files. To activate the service, you should specify the data of your servers in its settings.

2. Pingdom

The same way as Monitor.us, Pingdom is a complex tool for analyzing the download speed of a site and the response time of servers. In addition, the service has a Tools section, where you can check individual pages for the speed of loading scripts.

Pingdom can display the time for processing the element of every page and issue a cumulative rating to the site. Each section of the analysis can be viewed in details.

3. Netcraft

analize hostingNetcraft Toolbar serves to protect from phishing sites in real time.

When you visit a certain site, the toolbar quickly determines the authenticity of the address, the location of its hosting, the domain, the name of the server and organization, and the IP address.

Netcraft Toolbar tracks all hyperlinks that contain special characters used to replace the original website address.

The database of Netcraft contains several thousand entries about phishing sites.

When the user visits an insecure resource, Netcraft blocks it and puts the name into the blacklist.

4. BrowserMob

BrowserMob is a simple service that allows you to check the loading speed of the target site from 4 different locations. It shows many detailed download metrics for each of them. The main task of BrowserMob is an automatic cross-browser testing of sites.

Check for recommendations on how to speed up the WordPress site here.

5. BuiltWith

BuiltWith analyzes the given site and gives out a whole dossier about it: web server, CMS, what statistics service is using and so on.

It would be also interesting to visit trends.builtwith.com. On this page, the service owners issue statistics on all monitored parameters. For example, the vast majority of sites still use the old blocking JS code for Google Analytics.

6. Web Page Performance Test

Web Page Performance Test loads the page twice and compares the hit count. It reveals how well the caching is organized, shows detailed statistics for each of the tests.

The tool saves screenshots of how the site looks on every second of the download. It also demonstrates which group of requests took the most time. The server is located in Dallas (USA).

7. Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot is a free tool with a lot of settings. The service allows you to monitor the availability of web addresses. The verification activities are conducted every five minutes.

To start working, click “Add New Monitor“. Http(s) protocols, keynotes, IP addresses, and ports will be available for tracking. On the panel on the right, you can choose a convenient way to deliver alerts – mail, Twitter, RSS, Pushbullet, phone message and more.

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8. CloudFlare

The main purpose of Cloudflare is to provide CDN servers around the world, as well as attack protection and many other additional useful skills.

CloudFlare makes reports on peak server load and saves traffic for your visitors. CloudFlare can automatically add a Google Analytics script to the pages.

9. Monsido

Monsido is a full-featured tool for analyzing the site for errors and SEO-analytics. If errors 404 are detected, you will receive a message to the mail.

To be fully operational, the service requires installing a script.

Now you can take advantage of these tools for analyzing the site hosting companies and choose the web host that will fit you the best.