Top 8 Domain Name Generator Tools

Choosing a domain name is not easy. How many times did you come out with a perfect domain name, check it out and, alas, the domain was already taken? It is exhausting and tedious. When you search for a domain, you want it to be a short, memorable, and also available with the desirable extension. But most of the good domains are occupied so you keep on searching and searching …

If you don’t want to puzzle your head any longer, we collected our top 8 FREE domain name generators. Those are literally the unquenchable resources of initial ideas. Let’s go!

1. Lean Domain Search

lean domain search

Lean Domain Search generates names with one keyword. The service will offer you hundreds, if not thousands, of available options with the .com extension. Also, this generator allows you to:

  • Filter options by length and popularity.
  • Save your favorite domain.
  • View your search history.
  • Share your search results.
  • Check the domain availability.

If you already have a set of potential keywords but you can’t make a good domain name out of them, Lean Domain Search is just perfect. This generating platform will always give the ideas of some interesting and, most importantly, not hackneyed domain names.

2. Shopify Business Name Generator

shopify domain generator

From the title, it’s clear that the site generates domain names exclusively for businesses. Enter the keyword, and the service will offer you hundreds of decent options with the .com extension.

The platform encourages to use the offered domain names for their own online stores on Shopify. But there is no need to do this.

Just like Lean, Shopify is extremely simple and only requires a keyword for generating a variety of brand domain names with spaces and capital letters.

3. Nameboy


The Nameboy service can easily help you find a unique name based on a keyword. Enter one or two keywords, and the platform will generate a list of suitable ideas for your project. Also, the site will show which extensions are already occupied and which ones are still available.

Moreover, the platform allows you to select names that use hyphens as well as search for rhyming keywords. Nameboy is a great helper for those who already decided with their potential keywords and just look for different combinations.

4. NameStall


NameStall offers a broad variety of tools that can help you choose a perfect domain name. This generator allows you to search by the parts of speech, popular keywords, basic English words and even branches of activity.

You can even set the position of the keyword in the domain (at the beginning or end), and select the names with hyphens. You can also make a search by extensions. You’ll be able to see which options are taken and which are still free.

NameStall offers a similar domain search, an instant domain search, a search for the most popular keywords, and a list of unique branded domains.

5. Domain Puzzler


Domain Puzzler is a simple and convenient service that offers a large number of useful tools. The “easy” version of Domain Puzzler lets you search for keywords, choose extensions as well as look for inspiration and fresh ideas.

Unlike other services on this list, this generator can create names based on a number of keywords! You can add your most-liked options to the “Favorites” category or apply an advanced search. Also, you can compare different domain names by search rating.

6. Name Mesh


The Name Mesh platform is recommended for those users who have already defined several keywords for their future domain name. You can enter 2-3 keywords in the search field and your list of potential domain names is ready. The service creates different variations in the following categories: standard, newest, short, similar and SEO.

To simplify your choice, use different filters: by extension, availability or the maximum length. Name Mesh will recommend you domains based on other relevant keywords.

7. Panabee


Panabee is a search engine for domain names and also a generator of business names. You can enter two keywords and see the options offered by the service. If the option you like is already taken, you can search for the same name but with other extensions. Choosing domain is as important as selecting the best web host for your business website.

If you liked none of the suggestions, Panabee will offer you more. Moreover, Panabee will show you if someone is using your chosen domain as a username on social media.

8. Impossibility


Impossibility platform uses a slightly different approach than other generators on this list. First, you need to come up with a keyword. Then you have to specify adjectives, verbs, or nouns that you would like to add to your keyword (at the beginning or the end). The service will offer you excellent domain variations from 4, 5 and 6 letters. This platform is a real storehouse of interesting ideas! You can purchase your favorite domain by following the link to the GoDaddy or Namecheap – top web hosting companies offering domain names as well.

With these great domain name generators, you’ll forget about the problems of finding the optimum domain name for your business, blog or personal website!