Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Terms Of Use

These Terms determine the terms between you (a client) and us (the company) when you view our website www.hostingservicelab.com (the “Website”). The terms must be used by all users of our Website. If you choose to use our Website, you accept the rules and agree to follow them. The rules are described in these Terms and our Privacy and Cookies Policy which forms some paragraphs of these Terms. These Terms come into force from the first visit to our Website.

1. Your use of the Website

1. 1. You have no permission to use the Hosting Services Lab:
1. 1.A. to post and send any defamatory, harassing, threatening, abusive, vulgar, obscene, harmful, or otherwise objectionable statements;
1. 1.B. in any false, fraudulent, misleading, deceptive, or deceitful way or with such purpose or intention;
1. 1.C. to prevent other users from enjoyment or normal usage of the Website;
1. 1.D. to be the source of harmful materials, such as viruses, time-bombs, trojan horses, worms, spyware, keystroke loggers or any other dangerous code or programs created to bring adverse affect to the operation of other computers’ hardware or software;
1. 1.E. to send and post any inappropriate or unauthorized promotional and advertising information (for example, spam);
1. 1.F. for the purposes that may be considered a criminal offense and cause civil liability, or somehow be contrary to the established laws or infringe the rights of any third party, in any country all over the world; or
1. 1.G. to infringe any copyright, trademark or secret, patent or another type of intellectual property, content, or proprietary rights of any user or party, that you are not allowed to make available under the law or under relationships agreed in your contract.
1.2. You have no permission to deploy within the Website any spider, bot, web crawler or other types of automated query programs for any purposes. You have no right to scrap, crawl, cache or in other way access any content on this Website. You are forbidden to use automated software or systems for extracting information from the Website for your commercial purposes, or ‘screen scrape’ unless you get a license agreement which allows you to make such actions.
1.2.A. Except for personal information necessary for identification (which is guaranteed by our Privacy and Cookies Policy) and your posted reviews any other material sent or posted will not be considered confidential and proprietary. We take no responsibility for such materials and are free to display, host and otherwise use it with any intention anywhere in the world.

2. Intellectual Property

2.1. This Website with its content (including text, articles, images, photographs, designs and fonts) belongs to the company (unless it’s indicated otherwise) and it’s under protection of copyright, trademarks (both unregistered and registered), design rights and other laws for intellectual property.
2. 2. You may visit to view, display and retrieve the content of the Website using any device which has the internet connection and print a copy of our content for non-commercial and personal use, provided:
2. 2.A. all and any property and copyright notices are kept intact;
2. 2.B. you don’t want to use this material for any commercial needs, including reproduction, copying, distribution, or reselling. Only we can give a permission to reproduce the content of our Website.

3. Our Liability

3.1. The Terms don’t exclude or limit liability for: (A) fraudulent misrepresentation; or (C) any other possible damage or loss for which liability is not excluded or limited by law.
3.2. According to paragraph 3.1, we take no liability for possible damage or loss that include special, punitive, direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damage, or any other loss of revenues, profits, and information occurred due to use of our Website.
3. 3. According to paragraph 3.1, the material of the Website can’t be regarded as a detailed guideline or professional advice. While we take responsibility for the content being correct, of high quality and reputable, we don’t declare or give any warranty, whether this content is current or accurate complete. We take no liability for your personal reliance placed on the materials presented on the Website.
3.4. Our Website represents reviews of companies providing hosting and other web services. These reviews express views of the particular reviewer. According to paragraph 3.1, we take no liability for any errors or inaccuracy presented by the reviews or any loss or damage you may suffer, particularly your reputation, due to the reviews.
3.5. The Website may offer you links to websites and materials that are out of our control. According to paragraph 3.1, the company assumes no responsibility for the materials presented by third parties website.
3.6. Our Website may offer you advertisement and contain sponsorship. Only sponsors and advertisers take responsibility for their materials presented on the Website that complies with appropriate laws and industry practice codes. According to paragraph 3.1, we take no liability for any errors or inaccuracy in this content and for any other loss you might suffer from such advertisement or sponsorship.
3.7. You are provided with information that discussed above limitations and exclusions of the company’s liability are reasonable, as our Website represents materials and reviews provided by third party’s services.

4. Availability of our Website

We take no responsibility for the Website to meet all your requirements. We give no guarantee that the Website is fault-free. If you find any fault within the content of our Website you are supposed to use the feedback form to report it and we will make necessary corrections as soon as we can. You may get occasional limitation of access to the Website due to necessary repairs, periodical maintenance or new services and facilities introduction. We always tend to restore the good performance of our Website as soon as we can.

5. Reviews

5.1. You may get a promotion for submitting reviews of definite web hosting services for publication on the HostingServicesLab. For the goals of this clause, people who post reviewers are named ‘Reviewers’.
5.2. We take responsibility for determining the reviews presented by Reviewers which are qualified for publication on the Website. The decision of the company is final, so it can’t be influenced by any correspondence from the Reviewer. The promotion can be given only for these reviews which are made to selected web hosting services. You should look for a list of such hosting services appropriate for reviewing here.
5.3. By posting a review, Reviewers are responsible for:
5. 3.A. their reviews representing their independent and authentic view and for not having a purpose to enhance or negatively impact on the reputation of the reviewed hosting service.
5. 3.B. their reviews being not published with the desire to get money from third parties.
5. 3.C. their reviews being the original work and for not copying any other information from third party reviews or elsewhere; and by publishing the reviews the Reviewer hereby gives QNL an perpetual, exclusive, royalty free, irrevocable license to display, host and use in other ways the reviews for any reasons and in any country all over the world.
5.4. To avoid any doubts, we reserve a right at any time to:
5.4.A. prevent any review from publication;
5.4.B. delete any review from our website;
5.4.D. reclaim any offer given by this promotion and stop this promotion.

6. General Terms

6.1. The Terms can be updated periodically for regulatory or legal reasons or to make the operation of the Website better. An appropriate notification on the Website will notify of any possible changes made. After that notice, we will apply changes to our Website with no delay. In case you find some problems with accepting these changes you are free to stop using our Website. In case you don’t stop using our Website after the changes are applied, this indicates your agreement to the further use and to the new Terms by continuing your use.
6.2. The Terms prohibit you from assigning your rights or transferring your obligations to any third party.
6.3. If by any reasons we choose not to enforce or realize any right that must be applied to any user at a definite time, this doesn’t mean we will not realize this right later.
6.4. We can not control any violation of these Terms caused by situations and circumstances which aren’t under our reasonable control.

7. Law and Jurisdiction

7.1. These Terms and any case in connection with these Terms and your personal use of the Website subject to the USA laws. Any disagreements will be solved efficiently and as quickly as we can. If you have another opinion according to the solution of the problem and you choose to start litigation, this must be realized in the courts of the USA.
7.2. We can not promise that you will definitely find the information on our Website available and appropriate for use somewhere outside the USA and that this Website is accessible from other territories where its content might be considered illegal. In case you visit the Website from any location outside the USA, it’s done on your initiative and you are fully responsible for any possible violation of local laws.
In case at any reason you need to ask any questions about any inquiry in relation to these Terms or QNL, you can use the feedback form.

Privacy Policy

The privacy of any user is of the first importance to HostingServicesLab.com. This policy determines the use and protection of the information you give to the Website during its use. You should read it, but if you are lack of time, here you can read the essential points

  • All personal information (for example, your name or email address) can be collected only with your permission;
  • No promotional emails will be sent to you unless you choose this option;
  • The Website will not share, sell or rent your personal sensitive data without your agreement (unless it’s demanded by the USA laws);

Your personal information is secure by our electronic, managerial and physical procedures.
The personal information you give to pass identification on the Website can only be used according to the privacy statement.
The privacy policy can be changed periodically. We will inform you with any appropriate means, but you need also to check back for possible updates.

What Information Is Collected

Any personal sensitive information is not collected by our Website without your consent. Using the term ‘sensitive information’ we define the following details:

  • Your name
  • Your email address

Non-sensitive information about your web surfing is also gathered by our Website with a help of cookies. This is a standard practice at any other website nowadays that helps the service to understand a way you use this Website: what information is interested for you, and what we can do to make our service better for you.

How We Use The Information

Promotional emails will be sent to you only if you chose it. Your email address can not be sold, shared or rented.
Your sensitive personal information might be only shared when it’s required by laws. Third parties will receive your personal data only if you agree on that.
The particular personal information about your email is necessary just for improving the service for you. For example, some personal details may be demanded for:

  • Technical support;
  • Improving our service;
  • Receiving user newsletters (only when you choose this option);

Customization of the user history and experience (for example, our service can find web hosts according to your requirements).
Non-sensitive and common data is used for a better maintenance and design of our Website and can be shared with advertisers. Sometimes advertisers are interested in a number of visitors to a definite area of our Website. Or advertisers may need information about a number of men and women registered on the Website. Any personal information that may be used for identifying your personality can not be disclosed.


We take full responsibility for your personal information kept secure with our electronic, managerial and physical procedures. Your personal information will not be disclosed and is protected from unauthorized access.

Your IP Address

It can be used for several purposes:

  • To customize your user history and experience (for example, our service can find web hosts according to your requirements).
  • To collect user data and traffic using Google Analytics;


A file called ‘cookie’ is placed on your computer or another device you use to access the websites only with your agreement. If you agree, these files are added and cookies help in analyzing your web traffic or give you a note when you open a particular site.
Cookies make your use of the Website more personal allowing web applications consider all your preferences. The web application using cookies can set its work to your requirements, interests and preferences by collecting and keeping information about your preferences.
Cookies are used with different usability and analytics tools, such as:

  • CrazyEgg.com
  • Google Analytics
  • Clicktale.net
  • OpenX ad server

Cookies make it possible to make the Website better personally for you, for example by notifying us about the pages which are interesting for you and which may be changed. Cookies don’t give any access to your device or information, except the information that was agreed to be shared with the Website.
Cookies are commonly turned on, but you can configure your own settings and turn off cookies if you need. But this can make the use of our Website not so handy and personal.

External Links

Our Website can propose you some links to other websites. We have no control over the content of these external websites, so our company takes no responsibility for it making you the only responsible person for your use of these websites. External websites are out of the control of our privacy policy.

Personal Information

If you need to stop the use of your personal data for advertising and marketing purposes, which was allowed by your previous agreement, you can make it by contacting us.
You can make a request for details of your personal data which is kept by our service. You will just have to pay a fee and contact us to make a request. In case you know about some mistakes or irrelevant information in the personal data we keep about you, you need to notify us by the feedback form. So, we can correct information and update your profile.

Have Questions?

In case of any misunderstandings, questions or problems about our Privacy Policy, you are free to contact us.