How to Choose Reliable SSL Certificate Checker Tool?

SSL Certificate Checker

Security on the Internet is one of the hottest topics nowadays. People are still looking for better ways to protect their websites from information leakage and unauthorized access by third parties. SSL certificates are one of the most reliable ways to protect information. They have already shown what benefits the users can get.

More and more people are choosing and installing SSL certificates but why? How to check SSL certificate for operability? You will get answers to these and more questions in this article!

Why Should I Check SSL Certificate?

The check of the SSL certificate is required to check out whether the display of the certificate’s parameters is right. Though even the best web hosts don’t provide this information. Such tests usually check out server’s parameters, certificate’s validity period, SAN, and chains of trust.

The following tools show errors (if they exist) and help to adjust the work of the certificate to your website.

There are even more benefits of the SSL certificate checker but the conclusion is one – the check is required. You should familiarize with the following tools to test SSL certificate.

1. SSL Checker

The main task of SSL Checker is to find out whether the certificate works properly and matches the browser. It will display the Common Name, server type, issuer, validity, certificate chaining, and more certificate details.

The installation will cost you $25. Still, it also contains tools for additional check:

SSL Converter helps to convert your existing certificate into another format if needed.

CSR Decoder helps to check out if CN, OU, O information is correct.

2. DigiCert

DigiCert SSL Installation Diagnostics Tool is the other SSL certificate checker with a convenient design. With its help, you can get information about DNS that resolves IP address, Certificate parameters such as Issuer, Serial number, signature algorithm, key length, SSL cipher supported by the server, etc.

It focuses on the ciphers that your server supports.

3. SSL Labs

SSL Labs by Qualys is one of the top-rated SSL certificate checker tools for vulnerability and misconfiguration check. With its help, all users can get information about protocol, cipher suites, handshake simulation, certificate issuer, validity, and algorithm used to sign.

Furthermore, you can get technical information about weak parameters and ways to fix them.

4. Symantec

Symantec is a leading global provider of SSL certificates, solutions to ensure the security of endpoints and email, and data loss prevention.

This tool fulfills 3 main functions:

  • Threat and cyber threat protection.
  • Information protection.
  • Websites security

According to information on their official website, 7 out of 10 code certificates signed in the world are issued by Symantec.

5. Wormly

Wormly is another all-in-one monitoring tool of your app stack & sites. It “makes a bet” on its wide experience and good reputation – over 10 years of the successful and productive work.

Furthermore, it’s fast and easy in use. There are no apps and programs to install. Wormly deals with:

  • Apache monitoring.
  • Nginx monitoring.
  • Postfix / SMTP monitoring.
  • TCP connections monitoring.
  • Any custom metric monitoring (more than 65 metrics).
  • Certificate overview (CN, Expiry details, Trust chain).
  • Encryption Ciphers details.

6. HowsMySSL

HowsMySSL SSL certificate checker has another strategy. It checks the client – the browser – and provides a report with all existing errors. It deals with:

  • Supported Protocol Version.
  • Session Ticker Support.
  • Cipher Supported.

It focuses on working with TLS, though SSL support is also possible.

7. SSL Analyzer

To get a report from SSL Analyzer you only need to enter your https URL and check out the report of:

  • Fingerprint
  • Serial Number
  • SSL Cert Validity
  • Supported Protocol (TLS/SSL
  • Cert Issuer
  • Downgrade Protection
  • Secure Renegotiation (Service/Client-initiated)
  • Session Tickets
  • Compression
  • Enabled Cipher Suites