Shared vs Managed WordPress Hosting

managed or shared wordpress hostingManaged and Shared WordPress hosting solutions are the two most widespread hosting types for those who own a WordPress website and want to find a suitable web host option.

The choice of the appropriate website hosting is not straightforward. The host has to be supportive and reliable. It should provide a secure and fast website that may develop when your business grows.

The cost is the key difference between these options. Yet, let’s get a closer look at the WordPress website hosting services.

What is Shared WordPress Hosting?

Startups often select this particular option. It hosts your site on a shared server. This server hosts a lot of other websites as well. Your site is a part of this system. It means that you share bandwidth, memory and other resources with your neighbors, and it is not shared equally.

The main reason to select Shared WordPress hosting is its price. It often has additional options, such as one-click WordPress installs and unlimited email accounts. Yet, there are a couple of shortcomings as well.

Such hosting type is not always CMS specific. It means that you will have to maintain it and a small mistake can lead to big problems with security.

There is no extra assistance as well. The WordPress experts are reluctant to help you even if you waited for the talk with a team member for a long time. You will get general support, not the specific help of the WordPress specialists.

The key problem is “bad neighbor effect”. Other users of the server can lower the speed of your website, uptime, and security, and you will not be able to hinder this impact.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting offers businesses a dedicated hosting solution.  A support team maintains your site and provides value-added extras, such as fast site speed, increased security, regular backups, regular WordPress updates, and reliable customer support.

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The providers of managed hosting are WordPress experts. They handle all the technical details of WordPress. This hosting solution guarantees that there will be no delays in necessary updates. It helps to avoid issues with security as well.

Managed WordPress hosting is a better option for a long term, comparing to the shared one.

This hosting costs more than the previous one. Yet, many users agree it is worth it because they can be sure that their site will operate 24/7.


How to Select between Shared and Managed WordPress Hosting?

managed and shared WordPress hostingThe difference between them is that either you want to have a place for your site for little money, or you are ready to pay more and enjoy value-added features and professional maintenance.

It’s like living in a block of flats with noisy neighbors that can spoil your everyday life versus living in your house with the family that is always ready to help you.

There is no unified response because your choice depends on such things as:

  1. The size of your website.
  2. The number of your site visitors.
  3. The amount of support needed.
  4. The technical knowledge you possess.
  5. The website’s nature.

When deciding between shared or managed WordPress hosting, you should decide whether you will have enough time to maintain and update the site on your own, or it is better to spend your time doing other things and trust WordPress specialists.

Managed WordPress hosting may be not the best variant when starting out. Yet, it helps you “start as you mean to go on”. Remember that it is always possible to move from shared hosting to the managed one in case your website needs to grow together with your business.