How to Setup Email Account with Bluehost

bluehost email settings

When you have done your review of hosting companies and you have decided to stick with by far the largest hosting company, you want to be able to appreciate the full range of opportunities you have at your service. Now thanks to the best web host review you can learn everything there is about Bluehost email setup and how to succeed in using it.

Step By Step

Here are some steps that you are to conduct carefully and you will be done in no time.

  1. In the Account Properties menu, you will need to enter your name, which will be seen by the recipients. Then there is a step of adding your Bluehost email address. Don’t forget about the email address you want replies to be sent to. There is also a filed for organization name which will be marked as From in your emails. You can leave as it is. If you choose to fill in the name of the Organization it will be seen after the Name field information.
  2. Delivery Options submenu will tell you to enter the Bluehost email settings for the Bluehost server address. After having checked the “Requires Authentication” box just click Setup.
  3. Be sure to check the “Use SMTP Authentication (outbound)” box. Keep the default AUTH LOGIN type. Enter your full domain email address.
  4. Next part can be tricky if have problems remembering passwords. If you don’t, enter the password of your Bluehost account. After clicking OK you can proceed with Delivery Options tab.
  5. By clicking the “Advanced” button at the bottom of the Delivery Options, you then must change the outgoing Port from the default, 25 to 26. In case it doesn’t work, try using Port 465, but first, check the SSL box.
  6. Still being on the Advanced screen you might want to add a custom domain. Remember that for your Bluehost server, the custom SMTP domain would simply be matching the domain of your domain email address from which you are sending.
  7. Click OK and that’s it.

Bluehost Email Setup for Your Devices

  1. While you’re at it, it would be a great idea to setup Bluehost email on iPhone. When you learn how to do it, you will be able to add Bluehost email accounts even to iPad or iPod touch using the stock Mail app on iOS devices.
  2. The Setting app is really easy to follow. First, run it and then select Mail, Contacts, and Calendar. You will see a list of all your email accounts configured on iPhone. Tap to Add Account and select an email type you want to install to iPhone. Choose other, then follow to Add Email Account. Having done that, continue to fill in your email account configuration information on a screen.
  3. Don’t forget to switch to IMAP tab when the POP tab opens automatically. Type your full email address in the Email, Incoming mail server username, and outgoing mail server username. The settings of Incoming mail server hostname and Outgoing mail server hostname should be the same. Your email server hostname is, however, not the typical, it should look like box*** Log in your webmail with Bluehost from a web browser in order to find it.
  4. Having logged in to the hosting control panel, continue to Email >> Email Configuration >> Email Client Configuration.
  5. By selecting email account to display its email settings information, it will include mail server address, mail server user name, incoming mail server and outgoing mail server ports.

Also, make sure you know how to select a reliable SSL certificate checker to protect your website!

Having concluded all these steps, on your iPhone email setup screen you will need to input your Bluehost email server hostname. Next step is to saving Bluehost email settings information and adding the email account to iPhone. Now you can sync your emails and notes from Bluehost mail server to your iPhone automatically.

Now you have all the necessary manipulations done and Bluehost email forwarding will be a lot easier, from every device you have.