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Complete Magento Hosting Review

If you want to have the best quality online store that will attract more visitors and that will make them stay longer on your website, consider Magento hosting. The speed of your website is usually one of the things that customers notice first, and Magento hosting is going to help you with making it as fast as possible. Want to learn more facts from best hosting services review? Then this Magento hosting review will give you all the information you need to find out what works best for you.


Magento has a huge list of useful features that can really impress. For instance, you can easily create coupons and customer groups based on location. Customer’s shopping cart won’t disappear if they leave a website, which is a nice thing too.

Catalog management features are really amazing too: customers are able to download purchases and filter products to find what they need, and if they need to zoom in an image it will still have a nice quality. Also, Magento offers one-page checkout and shipping to multiple addresses, which makes the whole process easier. Magento offers a bunch of valuable options for online store owners.


Well, nothing is perfect. Despite Magento being a great solution for your eCommerce website, it has few things that are not so good.

First of all, there were many complaints about the official Magento support. Official Magento support is filled with spam because of the lack of organization. Of course, you can find the answer to your question somewhere else, including other forums and hosting providers’ support. There is a high chance that the managers won’t be able to help you in your case, which might be pretty devastating.
Also, another important thing to know about Magento: it is an extremely large system, so it’s hard to find a decent Magento developer. You need to make sure that this person has an experience with the core software and a deep understanding of what they are doing.

Magento Hosting Providers

There are few Magento hosting providers you can trust: Nexcess, LiquidWeb, Rackspace, Cloudways and Hostgator. You might as well compare DreamHost vs BlueHost and Magento solutions they provide. All of them provide great Magento hosting services and fully managed Magento hosting, so it’s up for you to decide what you want.

Hostgator and LiquidWeb are probably the best options for small stores. Hostgator has 99.9% uptime and they provide you with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. They also have really great support service and if you aren’t satisfied you get a 45 days money back guarantee. On the other hand, LiquidWeb provides 100% uptime, Server Hardening via ServerSecure and 24×7 Proactive Sonar Monitoring and quicker support response.

Nexcess is perfect for medium size Magento websites based in UK, USA, Netherlands, and Australia. They provide really stable built-in Magento 1.x and 2.x hosting solutions and fully PCI compliant hosting environment.

Rackspace is great for larger eCommerce websites and one of the most well-known hosting providers for Magento applications. They provide you with 24x7x365 and a fully customized and dedicated environment. Rackspace will always make sure that your website is running fast and smoothly.
Cloudways is another good one too. Some customers even say that it’s the best UK Magento hosting!

Surely, it’s always better to double check and look at all potential options first. You can check our WebHostingPad hosting service review and compare two hosting solutions on your own.

Magento Hosting Cost

Probably in many Magento hosting reviews you’ve seen different costs for Magento hosting. The truth is that the prices vary because of the great variety of companies and packages. But if you want to get the best Magento hosting, you have to keep in mind that it won’t be the cheapest for sure. Be ready to pay at least $70 for the hosting service. But on the other side, you know that you pay for the best quality.

Hosting Features

  • Free Site Transfer
  • High Performance
  • Developer Friendly
  • PErpetual Security
  • Best Web Host Solutions
  • E-commerce Hosting
  • Web Design Customization
  • Mobile and SEO Friendly
  • Fast Loading Store
  • Multi-Website Options