How Hosting Server Location Affects SEO

search engine optimizationAs a rule, SEO is related to keywords search, site development, code optimization, meta-tags and other. That’s why owners of the Internet projects pay much less attention to hosting because they believe it has nothing to do with SEO in general. The reality, however, shows the opposite.

There exist many opinions whether choosing a different hosting affects your SEO promotion. In this article, we’ll give you several main reasons how hosting provider can have a direct influence on your website’s page ranking. But first, let’s dive into a little bit of theory.

What is Website Hosting?

So, hosting is a service providing a client some physical space on a server that has an uninterrupted access to the Internet for posting a certain type of information data. Most often, the concept of hosting is associated with allocating of websites. There exist different types of web hosts. The most common are shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting and Hosting Services Lab is the place where you can find expert reviews of the best web hosting options.

Web Hosting and SEO

Based on this definition, do you think hosting has an effect on your Google search ranking? Definitely, yes and now you’ll learn why.

  1. First of all, any website’s accessibility depends on its search engine indexing. The indicator characterizing the uninterrupted operation time of a web resource is called “uptime”. A perfect uptime value is at 99.98%. A much lower uptime will be a reason for not indexing the web resource because the site will be unavailable for some time. Most likely, it will lead to a drop in your website’s ranking. Here you can read about the major reasons for website downtime.
  2. It’s difficult to promote your website when you use free hosting. The major reason is a low level of trust among search engines. They deliberately make a lower indexing of such resources and underestimate their position because they believe serious projects use a more reliable paid web hosting.
  3. Some website’s owners use “black hat SEO” methods placing so-called doorway pages and doing many other manipulations on their hosting websites. Black hat SEO ban can be a reason for a ban on Google and other search engines.
  4. Although, not all free options are necessarily negative for your SEO. Many reputable hosts offer free service packages with a limited functionality. Such web hosting package will include a minimal set of functions but have no harm on your rankings.
  5. If you have an underperforming server that cannot fully support your web resource without errors and hangs, you risk having problems with SEO too.
  6. The more visitors of your web resource face problems while working with it, the more percentage of failures there will be. This would lead to a significant drop in its position in the search engines.

What about Location of Servers?

According to some common beliefs, if you want to be successful in SEO regionally, it is important to have a web hosting with a server located in a target region or country. Yes, search engines take into account the location of servers, although we can’t say this is a decisive factor. Most search engines show in the results sites that are most closely located to the user, however, top website hosting companies don’t just offer a regional site consolidation. The site is being linked to a certain region automatically by the search engines if it specifies the address or phone number. The webmaster also has the option to manually link the site to a specific region.

Perhaps, if your website contains many graphic images, dynamic elements, remote servers might not be a great idea because of a low speed of the site’s response and page loading. If the website is “heavy”, then it is better to use a web hosting located closer to the target audience.

Search bots primarily show sites that are geographically closer to the user. Nonetheless, we figured out that the location of the server no longer plays a role for those sites where the address or phone is specified.

hosting location and seoSo, does a web hosting location affect your website’s SEO ranking? It might have SOME effect but along with a location, you have to consider many more factors. For instance, if your local provider offers a cheap web host option, this wouldn’t mean it will be more effective than one offered by more expensive servers. The location wouldn’t play a big role since more expensive web hosting, all the same, uses Webmaster to link the necessary location to a website.