HostGator or GoDaddy: Which One Is Better?

web hosting companies hostgator and godaddy

What to do if you don’t know what hosting company to choose to boost your business online? HostingSrvicesOnline doesn’t only provide English-speaking users with a quality hosting assistance but also conducts researches to find out about the best web hosting services, so our clients could have a vast choice. Today’s review is a comparison one and is dedicated to two companies – Hostgator and Godaddy. Two companies became really popular, according to the data of previous years and we decided to find out why.

Overview of Companies

The USA-based companies are oriented on the English-speaking clients. Godaddy is the service with 14 millions of clients and 63 millions of registered domain names. Still, it’s crucial to remember that a quantity doesn’t always mean the quality. What is more, things that work out for other people may not suit you. This is the reason you should pay close attention to the best web hosting services review!

HostGator was launched at Florida Atlantic University and now provides people all over the world with a usual range of services. The service has been providing the online assistance since 2002 and now approximately 500 employees are working to assure you with hosting plans.

Price Lists Comparison

The price policy is a crucial moment and sometimes a decisive factor that forces some people to apply for ordinary services. Hosting Services Online has checked the prices of the same services of two reviewed companies. Talking about the WordPress Hosting, which is extremely popular nowadays, the simplest and the cheapest option starts from $1 per month on Godaddy and $5, 95 per month on HostGator. Still, don’t get deceived by the tempting price on Godaddy – the plan includes only 10 GB SSD shortage, while HostGator offers 50 GB in the cheapest plan. The most expensive plan from Godaddy will cost you approximately $14 but it contains more profitable options.

When it comes to dedicated servers, the prices are almost the same, so it’s not easy to say which plan is more profitable. The choice must be based on the other factors apart from the price policy. Hostgator is the service with the vast knowledge but Godaddy claims itself to be the leading hosting service worldwide. Still, the clients can challenge it. Needless to say that even the most dedicated fans will not tolerate bad quality of services and regular downtown issues.

The feedbacks of the clients from both companies differ from one to another. There are both positive and negative ones and according to the testimonials, the companies provide ordinary hosting assistance.

About the Benefits

Both of the companies promise an outstanding set of the advantages that will be definitely provided for the clients for affordable prices. Unfortunately, most of the promises on the Internet tend to be empty or turn to be lies. Below you can check unique benefits of both services!


  • 99, 9% uptime guarantee
  • 45-day money back guarantee
  • 24/7 technical support
  • easy control panel
  • 4,500 website templates


  • more than 100 domain names
  • outstanding knowledge and multiyear experience
  • award winning service
  • 24/7 support


choosing between hostgator and godaddyNo matter what company you will choose, you should remember that there are always reliable and quality services, which provide assistance for higher prices from more qualified experts. Don’t forget also that the success of your business depends on the competence of the team of the professionals. So, it should stay in the priority. You don’t have to pay less to save money. You can pay more and increase your revenue faster! Our service wishes you the productive professional path with the help of the quality and outstanding websites!