Top 10 Free Domain Hosting Solutions

Here, we will try to explain what a domain is and what features you should consider choosing the best free domain hosting provider. Also, we provide you the list of the 10 free domain hosting websites along with their features.

In the recent few years the Internet has grown significantly and now more and more companies and people take advantage of the World Wide Web options and possibilities. Especially, it refers to the companies which want to move towards a new stage.  And if they want to become globally-competitive and serve to a worldwide market, they can do it easily through the Internet. Thus, they need to find an appropriate free domain hosting that will help them become the part of the web.

How to Get a Domain for Free?

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Fortunately, there are a lot of free domain hosting sites which can provide you with the needed information and help you find a free domain name for your website. They will even support and monitor your website for some time. But, firstly, let’s understood what domain is and how to find the right host for your needs that will also offer a free domain name.

You should note that securing of a hosted domain is one of the first steps you need to do to create a successful website.  There many free domain hosting websites that can offer reliable domain hosting for an acceptable price. In some cases, they let you choose and set up the domain name as a free component of their scheme.

A domain name is a very important part in each website. It is a human-readable address for a website or web application. Every website needs a good domain name, and only the best free domain hosting websites offer free domain names as part of their hosting packages.

You should also pay a great attention choosing a domain name for your website. There are three main things you should keep in mind when you select a domain name. They are:

1. Easiness. The domain name of your website should be easy so that people have no problem in typing it into their browser’s navigation bar. Don’t use long and hardly spelling phrases or words containing the hyphen, underscore, etc.

2. The identity of the brand. Your web address should be related to the name of your business. But, unfortunately,  not all domain names are available for registration. In this case, the free domain hosting website can be your partner in finding or creating the most appropriate domain name for you or your company.

3. Credibility. Some top-level domains like the .com or .org part are usually more trusted than others. It is good to take the .net domain name if the .com version of the name has been already taken. But you should highlight that almost all people think of .com as the “no alternative” domain end and they can be a bit confused.

Need help to choose the perfect name for your website? Here is the list of the best domain name generator tools recommended by the Hosting Services Lab professionals.

Before choosing a domain name, you should be sure that is a good one because it becomes the unique identifier of your company. You should also understand that the free domain hosting site provides a name in case you buy other options for your website. The registration of a domain name usually costs nothing because it is just a few bits on a server. That’s why you should point to different features when you buy any kind of web hosting service and pay your attention to that fact that any free domain hosting site has contracts at least for a year.

So, what features you should consider choosing a free domain hosting site. They are the following:

1. Control panel. The best web host providers allow you to easily use your domain name. They usually have a control panel where you need to enter your server name and the domain name and they’ll point the domain name to your site.

2. SSL certificates. You should be sure that your website would have an SSL certificate. This certificate allows your website to use HTTPS, that encrypts the connection between a user and the web server and assures that nobody will intercept the connection.

3. Website builder. The best free domain hosting providers can help you create the most attractive and modern site even with e-commerce features without having to code it.

4. Mobile-friendly design options. Many of the best free domain hosting sites will show you how your website will look on a tablet or a smartphone.

5. Web design templates. There are professionally looking patterns with your company logo or other design elements that you can use for your website. You can use it spending the money you have saved on a domain name.

So, if you have a new website and need a free hosting domain, there are top 10 best hosting companies that will provide you with a free domain name.

free domain hosting

Top 10 Free Domain Hosting Websites

1. Ipage is one of the most reliable web hosts.

2. Sitey is simple to use and guarantees a good quality.

3. Websitebuilder is highly recommended for those who start creating a website from scratch.

4. Sitebuilder allows creating a free website with a free domain option.

5. Startlogic is recommended if you create a website from scratch.

6. Fatcow is a free web hosting site with a great customer service.

7. Hostgator is a web host that provides a control panel. It is the best choice for the beginner.

8. Domain is a web hosting site for advanced users.

9. Bluehost offers a free domain as well as provides a control panel and site builders.

10. Justhost is one of the most popular web hosting services in the Internet.

To sum it up, we should pay your attention to the fact that there are many sites provide free domain hosting. But you should note that they will take money for other offered services. That’s why you should be very careful in choosing free domain hosting providers.