DreamHost vs BlueHost: Which One to Choose

Dreamhost vs Bluehost comparison

The quality hosting is a base for site design, user-friendliness, and operational efficiency. There are thousands of services, which claim to help. However, not each one is effective and it’s hard to evaluate a service from the first sight. The relatively easy option is to address a few of the most popular sites. In this article, best review of hosting services compared two giants, Dreamhost and Bluehost.

Both of them are popular among the web professionals and enjoy well-deserved recognition. They are quite similar, though there are different features that can make the difference.

Dividing information into the categories helps a lot with a comparison, so here we go.

First Impression

Both of the companies were founded in the 1996 but they are different in a certain way. First of all, they have a different kind of owners. Dreamhost is under a private ownership while Bluehost is owned by the cooperation of the web hosting companies, such as the EIG. Other significant difference is a spectrum of the services. Bluehost is limited to a web hosting solely and Dreamhost offers also cloud safekeeping.


This factor is one of the most crucial for any web writer. The performance will play a critically important role in the clients’ perception. It’s worth to note that both of the companies do the job very well. As the programmers know, this factor is measured by the term “uptime”. Bluehost doesn’t claim anything on the topic, unlike the Dreamhost with its statements about the 100% uptime guarantee.

However, the test showed that there are almost no differences, pages are loaded fast and displayed without any problems. Bluehost has one advantage – it’s strengthened with the special CPU segregation technology, which is supposed to keep the viruses, spam, and other harmful stuff away. You can also read how to set up your email account with Bluehost to make the best out of their services.

User Support

Customer support is one of the aspects that are worth to be thoroughly considered. It’s a guarantee that if something happens, you’ll get the necessary help. Any reputable web hosting company understands this. It’s absolutely true in a case of the Dreamhost and Bluehost. The sites offer day-and-night support with a live chat, phone or email. There are also forums, where customers can communicate with each other, put forth questions and provide with the effective pieces of tips.

Bluehost allows raising tickets for the connecting with its support. Dreamhost, instead, gives an access to the beneficial manual with a plenty of the how-to articles, guides, and tricks. But experts agree that it’s always better to address a customer support via the phone or chat for the quickest response possible.

Thanks to these two criteria it’s possible to say that both of the services are adequate and presentable. But there’re other attributes, which play a role in the website’s performance.

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hosting companies reviewAnother extremely important point is a price list. For the anyone starting out, money is a resource of a strong need. It’s one thing that should be treated cautiously and at the same time, it’s a double-edged weapon. The website’s creator should be thrifty but not too much, otherwise, they risk to lose much more in the end. Money back guarantee is a big aid in the case of uncertainty about whether a site fits or not.

Bluehost and Dreamhost provide with such an option. If you’re not 100% satisfied with service, you can always take the money back. The opportunity is active during the 30 days for the Bluehost and 97 days for the Dreamhost. It’s a wonderful feature and a sign of the quality cause a service is unlikely to brag about the profits without any reasons. 30 days, as well as 97, are enough to test out a web host and evaluate if it’s a right fit.

As a conclusion: Bluehost and Dreamhost are estimable representatives of the web hosting market and come up with the high quality of the favors.