Dedicated IP – Do You Need It or Not?

dedicated IP addressThere is no doubt that the IP-address is a popular notion for many of us, but let’s figure out the key points. Your site has its own IP-address and yet it is not unique. Why? Generally, one server hosts a large number of sites with unique domains and they all will share a single IP-address. This is not yours or hosting company’s fault. And in fact, no one is guilty of this. But there is another option – a dedicated IP. What does it mean? Keep reading to find out.

What is an IP address?

IP is an abbreviation for the Internet protocol. This is the address that is attached to each domain on the network (for example, The IP address for the site indicates in digital form the locations of this site. Any site is accessible to the end user due to its placement, processing of the server and corresponding services.

Each server, as well as a computer, has its own number – its IP-address. When one enters a link to the site, the servers connect the domain name with the IP address of its location, the request is redirected to the appropriate DNS server. After that one can start using or browsing the website.

What is a Dedicated IP?

A dedicated IP address means that a certain IP is allocated for your domain and it is not used by any other domains. This is the address of only your domain on the Internet. Sometimes, a dedicated IP is a service that you can purchase for the extra price.

Benefits of the Dedicated IP

When you use web hosting services, your site has the same IP address as other sites from this particular server. For other sites, search engines, hackers this is the same address. If your server is being serviced by a not very conscientious webmaster, the postal service can ban the entire IP-address. Law abiding server clients might suffer as well. But if you have your own IP address, you can avoid such problems.

dedicated IPIn case you need an SSL certificate for a secure and encrypted connection to the site, the dedicated IP address will be a perfect choice.

SSL certificate on the site is always a plus for your business. You get encrypted traffic, better user security and protection of login details or payment data. The visitors will trust your site more if they see a Certification Authority on it, so the stored data will not be intercepted by intruders. Besides, Google ranks such sites higher.

Myths About the dedicated IP

  • The dedicated IP increases the speed of site loading. The time saved on processing a DNS server request for a site on a separate IP is too small for a real effect. It is unlikely that you will achieve this success.
  • The dedicated IP affects SEO promotion. Although, there is a proof that hosting server location can have a certain effect on SEO, the convenience of the site, relevance, and freshness of the content are among the most important factors for the search engines’ algorithms.
  • Such IP-address will help protect against DDoS attacks. Though your site has a personal address, it is still on a shared server. In case of DDoS attacks, which main purpose is to stop the server, your project will, unfortunately, be a subject to a generally negative effect.

Pay attention to the pros and cons before purchasing the dedicated IP and always apply to the reliable providers. You will need to think carefully whether you need it or not.