Compare Free File Hosting Websites and Choose the Best One

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Since the beginning of the rapid development of the Internet and its engagement to the business sphere, it appears the necessity of saving of huge quantity of digital stuff: from accounting sheets and legal documents to invoices. That’s why the services of file hosting, which are also well-known as online file storage providers, grow significantly each year and become more prominent even for non-profit organizations.

The main reason for the enormous popularity of online file hosting service is simple as it is completely necessary for developing companies, which deal with large amounts of files. The free file hosting sites allow to upload large files, store and share them within different company’s departments, thus greatly improving the collaboration within the company.

But before choosing any kind of free file hosting, you should consider its security features. The most important of them are:

  1. Password protection. The most of file hosting sites require a combination of a unique username and a strong password to protect your files. But, some of them don’t need it. It is usually sites that provide temporary file hosting services.  Such kinds of sites allow a user to upload a file for immediate digital download and transmission but they don’t allow you to store them for a long-term.
  2. File encryption. The case is that your files should be encrypted for cloud storage. It is an important feature of digital data security. However, pay attention that some file hosting services may omit encryption for storage. So, you should double check it before using it.
  3. Private SSL certificates. Your file host should provide you with a secure connection between its server and your web browser that works with files. The secure connection is made through the Secure Socket Layer certificate which creates a safe, encoded connection that protects your files during transmission.
  4. Security against viruses and malware. The development of modern Internet life envisages that some can attempt to steal your data. Some of free file hosting may attempt to inject viruses or malware into your system. That’s why you should try more ethical file sharing and hosting companies.
  5. Two-factor verification. Such kind of verification adds an additional level of protection for your data. The two-factor authorization sends a text message with the numeric code to your mobile phone. When you enter this code into your file hosting account, it allows you to log in and access your data.

Taking into account the previous factors and ease of uploading, design, and quality we want to provide you with the top 10 file hosting websites.

The Top 10 File Hosting Sites

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1. SaberCatHost

The huge advantage of this site that you can use any of your social accounts to create an account on it. You will provide with 5GB of free storage space and fast downloads. You can buy additionally the “premium plan” which gives you access to have an unlimited storage and upload more than 10GB files. If it still not enough space storage for your files, you can consider the “business plan” upload more than 30GB of files.

2. ZippyShare

It is a good service for temporary file sharing but it is not very practical. You allow to upload not more than 200MB of files and they will be deleted in 30 days. Unfortunately, this site can’t provide you with any kinds of premium options to increase sizes of files or to keep files longer on the website. Among the disadvantages of this site should be noted the wrong download link with viruses, redirecting to different advertising pages and no compatible mobile version.

3. 4shared

The main advantage of this site is that the files are available for search. But you can download only 3GB of files per day and 30GB per month. The so-called “premium plan” is a bit odd as soon as you can’t purchase it by PayPal or a credit card but it allows to use the site for file sharing.

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4. Mediafire

This site uses misleading pricing. The premium plan allows you to use only 1TB of storage and the so-called option “business plan” costs too expensive – $40 per month. You have an access to rather limited and slow uploading and downloading options.

5. Mozy

It has no free account feature and you can use only a free test version after the procedure of affirmation. This site provides extremely secure storage but it is primarily intended for businesses and can be expensive for general users.

6. HighTail

It offers a free version with 250MB file uploading limit but it has a complicated interface. The “premium plan” provides over 25GB files but it rather expensive for the average users. This site may be attractive for business users who like its interface.

7. Egnyte

This site will provide you with 15-day free test use while the interface is nice and easy to use. The uploading of the files is not very fast but you can install and use a separate mobile app. This file hosting site can provide you with some additional options but you have to pay to use them.

This website, like the previous one, will be interesting for businesses who are ready to pay for all its awesome options, which are not very useful for usual users.

8. Dropsend

This file hosting website does not have a free version and it can provide you with sharing of 5 files per month before having to pay. You cannot also send large files, as they shouldn’t be more than 8GB. The user interface is appealing and easy to use but you get advertisements while uploading of files.

9. IDrive

IDrive is a really great file hosting site where you can set up the account without a problem but, unfortunately, it has a rather expensive “premium option” with a set limit for file uploading. Moreover, after the setting up, this site downloads its software without your permission. It has also an integration with Facebook to back up your profile and its interface is easy to use but this site has no mobile version.

10. DepositFiles

This site provides you with a free account and limit of uploading 50 files but you should note that your files will be deleted in 90 days. The premium option of this site is called “Gold” and distinguishes with faster speed than in the free account. The user’s interface is very simple but it has limited storage space that keeps files for 90 days.

To sum it up, there are no perfect file hosting sites on the Internet. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages but most of them have some free options, which help you understand at first whether it will fit for your purposes. Moreover, you should note that each additional option would cost you money.

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