Pros And Cons Of Cheap Web Hosting

low-cost website hostSo, you have decided to create your own blog or portfolio website. You already have a nice design and all the files ready to upload. You are also ready to work hard to get it on the tops of the search engines. However, the next step might be painful, you have to find a host that will store all your files, including the website itself. Sounds pretty easy, however, often it gets painful for those, who are new to the industry – all the newbies think that there is no way they can find an affordable hosting that will not cost loads of dollars every month. But is there a way to save money and still get the maximum uptime and good conditions plan.

There Is A Way

Just as in any industry, there is a way to save your money. Usually, you will have to say goodbye to the good qualities of the product to get it cheaper. However, it is different with the website hosting companies. We think that it is possible to find a great hosting for a low price nowadays. A couple years ago for a price of $5 a week you could have found a hosting with a limited storage space (up to 10GB), and a limited Internet speed. The computers also would not have had any of those great specs that the nowadays machines have. Therefore, never think that there are no great cheap hostings for you on the Web – they have always been there, but the problem was with the quality. Now, you should not be unhappy with having those things. If you are, just think that you are getting the OK quality service for an actually cheap price.

Is It Perfect?

But, if you actually want to get something that is cheaper than the normal thing, you have to remember that will always be those minuses that lower the price to be ‘affordable’. Those are the things that might be quite annoying or something that will make your job to get to the tops of the search engines a little more difficult. Those are the so-called ‘cheap web hosting problems’, and they can contain all kinds of different troubles, but usually they are not that bad, and you can easily take them as the pay for the low price that you get on the offer you have.

Problem 1. Aggressive Advertisement Practice

By selling your valuable storage place for a cheap price you will probably want to make more money since it is not that good economically for the companies to have such a feature, they often do the ‘freemium’ method. That is when a company makes the customer hate the free version of the program, in order to get the most money out of the situation. They will charge you for the Anti-spam filters, CMS themes, and a bunch of different extra services that you do not need. They will be really consistent and will try to get the most money out of the situation. Therefore, remember not to get those. They might be the actual way to save up for a better company’s plan, that will bring you even more money.

Problem 2. Rushed Servers

affordable web hostingThose are the problems that occur with the important factors of choosing the right host. It is often said by the owners that get money from their websites. And, of course, the other biggest problem nowadays is the fact that the uptime servers are able to give to the non-premium users is not the greatest. Yes, you can always find one, however, it is always a little higher price or worse in the other qualities. Our advice is that you have to go in the depth of the Web and find the information about your hosting there.

Problem 3. The Worst Neighbours

It is widely spread among the real hackers to use the web hosting companies to hide their behavior. The viruses, DDOS attacks are planned using those cheap website hosting services. You might not even think of that as of a problem, however, it will affect the productivity of your website too.

Generally, we think that inexpensive or even free web hostings have a right to exist, and they should be counted as the price covers all the minuses, and you will be satisfied with the first hosting like one of those.