Best WordPress Alternatives: How to Choose a Website Building Platform

alternative to WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular publishing platforms for building websites, blogs, and online shops. However, there is a handful of WordPress alternatives to building a website. In this article, we are going to talk about WordPress competitors.

This platform is used by millions of people all over the world as it offers a lot of effective tools for free. WordPress is a powerful and flexible CMS platform enabling creating a website from scratch by using various themes and plugins.

However, WordPress is not the best option for everyone. Under certain circumstances, users would be looking for better options out there. For those who are new to building and running a website, it might be not as easy as it seems.

While you get a great end result, WordPress offers such an extensive number of tools and features that an ordinary person may be confused. Besides, it is an all-in-one platform which has its pros and cons. Those who are focused on a specific purpose like blogging, eCommerce may be overwhelmed.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular alternatives to WordPress for creating a website.


Wordpress alternative - Wix

Released in 2006, Wix has become one of the top WordPress competitors. It is one of the widely known cost-free WordPress alternatives that is used for personal and small business websites.

Wix offers paid plans that enable website owners to accept online payments. Along with other website builders in the industry, Wix has gained popularity thanks to its user-friendly interface.

This website builder comes with ready-made templates that are modified by the drag and drop page builder. This tool makes the website building process much easier.

When using the Wix platform, users can just drag and drop the elements to predesigned areas and blocks placing them wherever they prefer.

Another stunning feature of Wix is that users can animate texts and other elements which makes it more efficient in building a well-designed website.

One of the Wix latest updates includes ADI. This feature allows adding a website link so that Wix builds another version of the website that is edited and customized.

The advantage of Wix is that this tool is incredibly easy to use. Designed for beginners, it has an extensive list of features including website and blog building, social network integration and other. A wide range of beautiful templates available on Wix is totally fee-free.

The only pitfall of Wix consists perhaps in advertisement included with the free plans which can distract the user. So, if you are looking for some user-friendly platform offering numerous amazing templates, Wix can serve as one of the best free alternatives to WordPress.


Wordpress alternative - Shopify

When talking about building an online shop, Shopify is one of the best alternatives to WordPress. Shopify is popularly known for its easy to use tools to create an online store as well as effective options to sell the products to the customers online.

Shopify helps to create an online shop of any complexity from scratch. It is a simple, flexible, and secure eCommerce web host.

Shopify offers a lot of easy to use tools, hundreds of free and premium well-designed templates, applications and other integration options to help the entrepreneurs in starting their online business.

It also offers tools for accepting payments, promoting and selling products via social media platforms by integrating Buy Now buttons.

When talking about the pros and cons of using Shopify for building an online business, they are determined by the platform’s eCommerce purpose. A great thing about Shopify is that it offers an unlimited disk space allowing entrepreneurs to create as an advanced website as they wish. With the use of this website builder, you can easily integrate PayPal to conduct payment transactions.

Compared to other platforms, Shopify has much more eCommerce based features than any other platform which is its benefit and a disadvantage at the same time. As Shopify is mainly focused on eCommerce purposes, this platform is not as flexible as WordPress. Shopify is an ideal eCommerce tool to run a profitable online shop.


Wordpress alternative - Medium

Medium differs from WordPress in many ways. It is one of the most fast-growing online platforms for building blogs joining publishers and readers.

Medium offers numerous themes and plugins. Comments in Medium are replaced with in-line notes and responses which makes it one of the best blog building alternatives for WordPress. This is a completely hosted platform with custom domains for publishers that are allowed to use their own domain names.

If you need to build a platform to reach out to a wide audience. Medium is a good WordPress alternative as it is easy to use, secure and flexible. Medium is used by around 50 million blog readers per month.

A disadvantage of Medium is the limited control over the ownership and access to the analytics of the contents.


Wordpress alternative Ghost

One more WordPress alternative allowing blogging is Ghost, a NodeJS based blogging software. This advanced blogging open-source platform helps in keeping all the clutter away providing a clean writing and browsing experience for bloggers.

Recently, Ghost has become one of the most popular blogging platforms all over the world. It is designed for the purpose of online publishing for beginners, bloggers and everyone looking for a simple, light-weight platform to create an elegant and easy-to-manage site.

Compared to WordPress, Ghost is not as flexible but it is still an awesome alternative.


Wordpress alternative - Joomla

Joomla has become quite popular recently and you surely have heard the name of this powerful website builder before. While it is not as popular as WordPress, it is still very competitive being its great alternative.

Joomla is a free, strong, multi-purpose, and open-source WordPress alternatives CMS that is used by millions of users and developers. It offers the same products as WordPress including templates, languages, files, components, modules, plugins, libraries, packages, extensions, etc. Each of them is built by Joomla itself.

The platform is used by thousands of users, small businesses, government and non-profit organization around the world.

When talking more about the pros and cons of Joomla, it is a more multilingual platform which modules are more flexible.

Joomla gives the user a possibility to build hundreds of sub-pages with ease. As for the cons of Joomla, it is not as large as WordPress and some plugins are difficult to use. In addition, the interface is not easy to comprehend for beginners.

Joomla is actually neither developer friendly, nor user-friendly. However, it is free and offers 24/7 technical support.


Wordpress alternative - Drupal

Drupal is one of the most popular CMS alternatives to WordPress. Similar to WordPress, Drupal has a rich user base, nearly 2% of all websites which is quite a large amount. Drupal users include The White House, The Economist and many more.

Drupal’s modules and themes are similar to WordPress and it has the same software requirements. It allows creating websites, blogs, forums, and even social networking platforms.

While Drupal is a great WordPress alternative, however, it is not suitable for everyone. It suits mostly for experts that expect a more advanced digital experience.

Why Drupal is complex? It is appropriate for handling large amounts of data. It allows creating corporate and enterprise websites.

CMS Made Simple

Wordpress alternative - CMSMadeSimple

When talking about what are other alternatives to WordPress, one should definitely mention expandable and flexible CMS Made Simple platform. This is another open source CMS that uses MySQL for a database having the same features as WordPress.

What makes CMS Made Simple easy to use is that it provides on-screen instructions, free community support, and extensive documentation to help the beginners start using the platform and extend all the built-in features.

This versatile CMS WordPress alternative is also developer-friendly allowing the experts creating custom modules for any kind of website.

CMS Made Simple has a simplified drag-and-drop interface, it also makes administrating tasks a simple procedure. This platform offers plenty of modules and plugins for extended functionality. As for the pricing, CMS Made Simple is a completely free web host platform.


Wordpress alternative - TextPattern

Textpattern is an open source CSM that has the same server requirements as WordPress. So, it is a great alternative to this website builder. However, Textpattern is a much simpler and straightforward CMS than WordPress.

Textpattern uses Textile to convert plain text into HTML. This is a more lightweight WordPress alternative which is still a good option both for users and developers.

With Textpattern, you can structure your content in many different ways. The interface is user-friendly. The platform offers numerous free platform modifications, plugins that are regularly updated by contributors as well as a wide range of well-designed front- and back-end themes.

Similar to many other WordPress alternatives it is a completely free and well-supported platform.

Textpattern is a good option for those who are looking for a platform that allows mastering a website quickly, as it provides 24/7 customer support and comprehensive tutorial.

Craft CMS

Wordpress alternative - CraftCMS

Craft CMS is not as popular among the users and developers as WordPress, this platform is still an effective CMS.

Among Craft CMS users are Netflix and Salesforce websites. It is quite a complex and developer friendly CMS platform.

Unlike WordPress, Craft CMS is a much more flexible and extensible platform that allows setting up a preferable content type with use of 15 various types of fields. Craft CMS is not the perfect place for beginners who need to build a simple website.

When talking about the pros and cons of Craft CMS, it gives developers complete control over each element, the changes they make via the admin console. The admin can give users access to specific features which is similar to WordPress.

The biggest disadvantage of  Craft CMS is that it is not suitable for simple websites or beginners. Also, the collection of plugins is not as extended as in WordPress.


Wordpress alternative - SquareSpace

As for the closed source software, one should certainly mention Squarespace. This platform allows building websites, blogs, portfolio sites, and online shops. Its popularity has recently raised, so it can be considered one of the alternatives to WordPress site builder.

Compared to WordPress, Squarespace is actually not as advanced. Squarespace is a functional and flexible platform for building basic sites.

One of the Squarespace pros is that users and developers do not need to sign up for hosting as well as purchase a domain. All you need to do is to create an account on the platform and answer a few questions on the site you are going to build.

Squarespace includes a drag and drop builder for creating your own design, adding and customizing the elements of the website. Squarespace also has a beginner-friendly interface, a wide selection of well-designed templates and other components.

Among the cons of Squarespace, one could mention a lack of a mobile editor and support from third-party plugins.

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WordPress is a great open source platform that is popular all over the world. Among the most advanced alternatives to WordPress, there are many platforms designed for building websites, blogs, and online stores.

Compared to WordPress, each of them has its own pros and cons. Based on the specific purposes, everyone can choose the most suitable product.