Best Image Hosting Services

Image hosting boom is gradually fading but people still look for the worthy free image hosting providers. It happens because some of the resources are paid, others have a limited functionality. There are even websites that work with failures. Reasons that cause the users’ dissatisfaction are various. We won’t delve into them.

Hosting Services Lab will help you find the top image hosting companies that deserve your attention. Plus, you will find out how to choose the best hosting provider. Let’s move to our pioneer!

1. Flickr

Flickr image hosting

Yes, speaking of the image hosting websites, it’s impossible not to mention Flickr! Still, we will focus our attention on the latest upgrades.

Recently, Marissa Meyer together with Yahoo! team reorganized the service. Along with a new design and stunning speed of work, users got 1TB (1024 GB) of storage. The service will be useful for those, who simply upload everything that they have, and for those, who carefully sort and process the images.

Furthermore, you can download the new application for iOS and Android. It’s very fast and you can use it as your camera. Filters, post-processing reached the highest level.

If you are an OSX user, then Flickr is definitely worth your attention! The iPhoto app supports this photo hosting. You can edit photos locally, create albums, mark people’s faces and locations. These actions then are carried over Flickr.

2. Imgur

Imgur image hosting

For people, who look for the best image hosting, Imgur prepared convenient options. Imgur is all about simplicity and speed of work. With a stable Internet connection, images are downloaded almost instantly. With a single click, you can copy the link and send a message to a friend. The main feature is a user’s image stream. It displays the most popular and beautiful photos.

The iOS app is pretty good. After the installation, you immediately see the good old feed with the different content – starting from the standard looks in the mirror to the amazing professional pictures. You can sort the top by popularity, the number of views, “likes”, etc.

The biggest image hosting resource doesn’t require registration. Still, you will be limited in some actions. For instance, you will upload maximum 50 images per one IP-address per hour. The largest image size for non-animated visuals is 20 MB, for animated – 200MB.

3. Imagebam

Imagebam image hosting

Imagebam is packed with amazing features, though not many of us have heard about this private image hosting. You will like it for the fast opportunity to create the thumbnail galleries. You are free to download ZIP files up to 250MB size. In general, this image hosting is especially suitable for archives without an index. There are no limitations in the number of uploads but the maximal size for images is 10MB.

You can create and customize galleries, edit your photos.

Unfortunately, it supports JPG, PNG, and GIF files only. Plus, Imagebam works more as a hosting rather than a community for sharing and “liking” photos.

The interface of the website isn’t fancy. The aforementioned image hosting services are easy to use and navigate. Still, it’s a matter of tastes and habit.

4. Imgbb

Imgbb image hosting

If simplicity is your choice, then you will like Imgbb. It’s impossible to find out the simpler image hosting. You just drag-n-drop images to your homepage and… that’s it. You added your visual content to the service.

There are no limitations in the number of uploadings. The maximal size of the picture is 16MB. The hosting supports all formats. Still, there are editors, who will check out your content before it will be available to other users.

While the simplicity is the advantage for some users, for others it is the reason to consider another image hosting. There are no additional options to customize and edit images.

5. Imagetitan

Imagetitan image hosting

The next temporary image hosting that stands out with its simplicity is Imagetitan. There is no mobile app, extraordinary or even basic editing options, no community, and other modern options. You can add images smaller than 1.5MB. The image hosting supports only three formats – JPG, GIF, and PNG.

Despite its powerful competitors, there are fans of Imagetitan. People, who plan to share and watch the visual content, will like it.

6. Google Image Hosting

Google image hosting

There is no need to explain what is Google Image Hosting. The image hosting offers unlimited storage of your photos from Google photos or your smartphone/computer. You can download photos of all formats up to 16 megapixels or 1080p HD videos. If you want to post photos of higher resolution, the software will downgrade it to fit.

Along with the free storage, Google Image Hosting gives users opportunity to edit visuals. You get an access to the amazing Snapseed’s editing tools and photo filters. “Auto-awesome” option allows users to transform their photos into GIFs and short videos.

Google Image is a perfect hosting for the demanding and sophisticated esthetes.

Let us figure out how to choose a worthy image hosting provider.

First of all, let’s highlight the main criteria for the “right” hosting of pictures and images:

  • Reliability. It does disappoint when you find that the photo hosting doesn’t work and all your photos disappeared.
  • Convenience. This is an extremely important feature! Spending time on figuring out how to upload a photo can irritate. Everything should be simple and convenient.
  • Price. Now, there is a bunch of free image hosting providers that aren’t worse (sometimes even better) than their paid alternatives.
  • An unlimited number of photos. You have to pay money to upload more. Choose the hosting, which doesn’t limit you in the number of uploaded visuals.
  • Optional registration.

Here were the main features you should pay attention to while choosing the image hosting. Still, it’s always better to check out a couple of the web image hosting reviews. Our service is always ready to help!