Best Free Web Hosting Providers

providers of free web hostingEvery executive knows that running a business is expensive. If you want to reach a success, you will need to invest substantial funds in developing your deal. Reasonable attitude to expenses is a key to success for every financial department employee.

Speaking of the online marketing, modern technologies offer many opportunities to save money. There are many trustworthy but free web-hosting providers.

The problem of people, who are searching for top web hosting companies and choose expensive plans, is that they think that expensive means quality. Maybe it used to be so (10 years ago). Now, it’s possible to find a good web hosting for free! Here is a list of proven services.

1. UltraWebHosting

UltraWebHosting is a reputable provider. Its experience covers 15 years. Still, it offers both paid and free quality web hosting plans. Of course, free packages haven’t got outstanding features but if you run a simple website, it will be enough. Free plans offer 10 GB of the monthly traffic. There are one domain and email account.

2. 000webhost

Over 14 million of people trust this provider with 10 years of experience. They are the leaders among free web hosting providers. They also offer a shared hosting for websites that grow. Still, this option is paid.

The common features of the free plans cover 100 GB of the bandwidth and 1.5 GB of the disk space. There are two MySQL databases, one website, and five email accounts. There are domain hosting and FTP. Fortunately, free plans don’t include ads.


This service got to this list due to the good reviews of the users. It also has vast experience (over 10 years) and offers shared, VPS and reseller plans. Of course, if you aren’t satisfied with the plan, you can purchase the paid one.

AwardSpace is ready to provide 5 GB of the bandwidth and 1 GB of the disk space. There is one website, one email account, and one MySQL database. Free plan hasn’t got ads as well. You can expect the domain hosting and FTP for free.

4. FreeHostingEU

This is a leader among free web hosting providers in Europe. As for free web hosting provider, it offers good options. It supports such languages as PHP, MySQL, CGI, Perl, Flash.

Free plans cover 4 GB of the bandwidth, 200 MB of the disk space, one MySQL database, and proprietary panel. There are also no ads. One website, one email account, and domain hosting with FTP are included.

5. Freehostia

If you need free cloud hosting, then WebHostia will be the right choice. This is a great option if the speed of the website is especially important. Experts admitted that quality cloud hosting is 15 times faster than shared. One of the drawbacks is the small storage.

Among the main features are 250 MB of the storage, 6 GB of the monthly traffic, five domains, and email account.

6. BlueHost

BlueHost is the other web hosting provider that is well known for its low price on web-hosting plans. It also provides free web hosting, free Weebly site builder and templates, and free CloudFlare CDN.

BlueHost provides unlimited disk space, free domain name for one year. If you still consider choosing one of the paid plans, here is a comparison of BlueHost with DreamHost – two web hosting giants.

7. Zymic

Free services of Zymic are one of the most features packed ones. Its common features will suit the most demanding customer, who looks for no-charge web hosting. Free plans provide 50 GB of the bandwidth, 6 GB of the disk space, Zymic panel, three MySQL databases, one website, FTP and domain hosting. There are no ads but also no email accounts.

Along with it, every client has an access to free templates, tutorials, articles. There aren’t many reviews from the clients. Still, the options are quite tempting and you might have a desire to try it.

8. 5GBfree

The company is proud of the fact that it provides the same services that other companies, like HostGator and GoDaddy, charge for. They are also proud of their revolutionary CloudLinux operating system, hardware, and security certifications.

Ever user, who chooses a free plan, can expect 20 GB of the bandwidth, 5 GB of the disk space, three MySQL databases, one website, FTP and domain hosting. There are Cpanel and no ads. Unfortunately, there are no email accounts.


This young company facilitates usage of web hosting. Its plans and their installation are very simple. As for novices, they show good results (according to feedback from their clients).

Free plans offer 1 GB of the storage, 5 GB of the monthly traffic, one domain and email accounts.

10. servers over 1 million of websites. This US-based company claims that they are leaders at free hosting plans. Along with the opportunity to contact 24/7 client’s support, every user has an access to community and knowledge base.

The features aren’t tempting but it’s enough for some purposes. Every user can get 50 GB of the bandwidth, 1 GB of searching for free hosting providersthe disk space, five MySQL databases, five email accounts, one website, FTP, domain hosting and no ads.

There are many options available for free installation. Free web hosting takes leadership positions in the web hosting market. You can choose a plan among hundreds of available free plans but you should check out the reviews of the REAL clients beforehand!