About Us

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Hello. My name is George and I am the owner of a variety of blogs and websites dedicated to different fields and orientations. Therefore, I know hosting issue inside out. Trying to develop my business I used to believe empty promises of advertisement. After I had faced a set of problems created by unprofessional hosting companies, I realized the importance of my personal thorough research. By a trial-and-error approach, I managed to create a list of best web hosting services that really work. And right now I am going to share this information with you – the dear readers of our review!

What we do

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Make research

We conduct a thorough and professional review of companies offering different kinds of hosting.

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We compare top hosting companies according to the following options: technical characteristics, popularity, feedback.

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We sort all companies, dividing them into types of hosts and companies and now present this information to you!

Our Aims

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    1) Familiarize you with a large number of web hosting services and find out about their peculiarities, advantages, and drawbacks
    2) Help you not to fail while choosing a web hosting company and save money using web hosting coupons presented ob our website.
    3) Not to get lost among dozens of companies offering the same services as sometimes it’s so easy to apply to a layman company that attracts with the right marketing strategy
    4) Boost your websites and succeed in your business!
    Everything you need to know about web hosting issue is already waiting for you on the expenses of this website!