5 Digital Trends in Small Business

small business trendsThe customers are becoming more competent in content marketing and Internet marketing in general.

Business owners realize that it is both necessary and interesting to understand how marketing works.

The trends like analytics, activity planning and discussing content formats become more and more widespread.

The priorities of the businesses are shifting aside from increasing sells to forming a loyal community around their brand, gaining confidence in the audience, and maintaining its activity.

The development of this community does need some investment, but it is worth it.

From the development of voice search and video content to increased use of artificial intelligence – the previous years were marked by a number of interesting developments in the marketing sector. Meanwhile, a reliable web host for any small business is always a must.

What is waiting for us in the future? Check 5 key digital trends in small business.

1. Video

The omnipresence of the Internet means that people are always surrounded by words. Although text advertising is still valuable, marketing is mostly focused on attracting attention. Online video is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Although, a professional web hosting services provider is still the essential part of any digital business that ensures its effective operation.

The growth of online video is staggering. According to The Wall Street Journal, in 2016 video was used in marketing 10 times more often, than in 2011, and this rapid growth will not slow down. Moreover, online video is ahead of cable TV among teenagers and young viewers. Companies targeting the younger generation vitally need a video marketing strategy to succeed.

2. Personalization

This trend is especially important for the blog articles. In a theory, a blog should be written on behalf of an employee of a company (or several employees with a wide range of topics) that knows the product, the services offered, and the problems of customers.  The article with the author’s signature makes the text more plausible. The authors should not be the machines who write and cut down their text all the time. The thoroughly edited text seems to be artificial and fake.

A key for content marketing is writing the way one would speak in real life. This approach is relevant almost everywhere – design, cosmetology, software, financial services, tourism, etc. It is all about naturalness and real expertise.

business online


3. Mobile

While the webmasters are struggling to make the WordPress sites faster, more than half of the users view pages from mobile devices (in some business spheres). Google already ranks the sites using the Mobile First algorithm: the mobile site-adapted devices gain an advantage in the search results. By the way, Google plans to fully run this algorithm in 2018.

Adaptive layout and mobile version of the site is must-have in 2018. Modern customers communicate with small businesses through chat rooms in mobile applications, study the goods and make purchases from the smartphone. Mobile commerce is growing 300% faster than e-commerce. If small businesses do not pay attention to the development of this direction, it will be disastrous for them.

4. Involvement

The number of views, subscribers, and likes is taking a back seat. The real involvement of the user in communication with the brand plays an increasing role. The main involvement means are comments, forums, discussions, and chatbots.

All the popular social networks switched to ranking posts in the news line. There are a few reasons for that. The search engines study the behavior of users on the site (time spent on the site, interaction with the resource, comments). Contextual advertising systems take into account not only the clickability but the quality of the resource itself.

Therefore, learn not just to create content of high quality, but also to involve your subscribers and visitors, interact with them. For example, make mini-contest for your followers on Facebook or Instagram. You can also make a poll to show that their opinion really matters.

5. Metrics

Infusionsoft reports, that 47 % of small business owners do not have a clue about the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Qualitative analysis leads to taking the right decisions. And the right decisions bring profit.

digital metricsConsequently, the analyzing tools help to achieve the main goal of any business – to make money. And making money requires in-deep analysis. This is a vicious circle.

To check what your subscribers click and share, use Google analytical tools and social media platforms.

They will help you get what content is useful and which should be eliminated.

Marketing does not exist without trial and error. But there is no sense to implement unprofitable techniques.

Take advantage of analytical tools to invest your time and money effectively.

Searching for web host analyzing tools? Here they are.